Our Mission

A joint endeavor of painter and stylist, RebornHomes is everything about reviving used homeware things. Including initial, separately crafted artwork that sheds a various light on forgotten stuff inside classic kitchen area cabinets, Remake's variety of items is both noticeably special and incredibly unusual.

Involved a brand-new context, minor items are changed into bespoke artwork that catches one's creativity permanently. All pieces are separately upgraded, transformed and remade, accompanied by superb graphic messages with a twist of paradoxical surrealism.

The trademarks of RebornHomes 'upcycling' procedure are highlighted by their unique limited-edition collections of hand-made items, such as welcoming cards, notepads, and wall decors. Colored in brilliant, vibrant patterns, classic fond memories are merged with enthusiasm and pleasure, painting layers of future over sweet residues of the past.